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Effects of El Niño

El Niño: Disruption of the World's Weather:

El Niño has caused many disruptions around the world. It has brewed tremedous abnormalities and causes many tropical storms and sudden temperature changes.

El Niño: Disruption of US weather:

In the United States, El Niño is also taking it's toll. Just recently on both the east and west coasts, there were tremendous El Niño driven storms. In southern Florida, a pack of strong deadly tornados ripped through the area of Kissimmee and killing 36 people and leaving thousands without food and shelter. In California, mass flooding caused gigantic mud slides and highways to crumble. Here in New Jersey, there have been a great number of Noreasters that should have bought snow, but due to the strange warm El Niño temperatures, they seem to have just turned to rainstorms. El Niño causes so many hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornados because El Niño has laid the necessary temperatures, environment, and heat to create some of the most devastating storms.

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