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On November 9th of 1938, the night of broken glass began. Gangs of Nazi youth and the SA stormtroopers stormed thoughout Gemany, looting, burning, and destroying. In the Orianenberg quarter of Berlin, a great synagogue (burning synagogue below) was trashed inside, and then set afire. Fires where lit in all Jewish areas, and religious books were burned. This was taken as a signal for other Nazis in other parts of Germany to do the same. Jewish stores and homes were trashed and had their window panes smashed giving the name of Kristallnacht. Almost 101 Synagogues where destroyed(see map below), 700 businesses across the country were attacked, and 26,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps. The violence lasted a total of 24 hours and 91 Jews were killed.

 The Aftermath